When entering our Noongar website the user agrees to abide by the following rules and guidelines:

Cultural Protocols

Protocols for Recognition & Respect

Noongar Consultation Protocol Guidelines

The following principles are intended to guide visitors to the South West Aboriginal Land & Sea Council Kaartdijin Noongar – Sharing Noongar Culture website with the observance of appropriate protocols regarding recognition and respect for:

Identification as Owners

Noongar culture is an integral part of our identity and society. The traditional owners and Noongar peoples of this region have the right to be recognised as the owners and guardians of our cultural and intellectual property.

Recognition of Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property Rights

It is recognised that existing laws for protection and recognition of Indigenous cultural and intellectual property are inadequate to protect the cultural and economic interests of Indigenous peoples.

SWALSC supports the campaign by Noongar peoples to ensure that our rights to transmit and share our Indigenous cultural and intellectual property must be formalised by the promulgation of a national law.

Respect for Noongar Lore and Custom – the Right to Speak for Country

The access and exchange of information in Noongar culture is different from what occurs in mainstream non-Aboriginal culture. Noongar cultural protocol establishes who can and cannot ‘speak for country.’ These cultural protocols include age, gender and family lineage under Noongar lore and custom. They are to be observed as sacred, and any digression from this is forbidden and considered a breach of custom.


In recognition and respect for Noongar lore and customs, and for the transmission and preservation of our heritage to future generations, we ask that you have respect:

No Unauthorised Commercial Use of Information

There is to be no unauthorised commercial use of the information contained herein. Information should not be used in cultural heritage site tours, cultural activities, bush tucker, storytelling etc. without observing these protocols.

Representation and Display

We reserve the right to interpret our cultures, to limit information contained on this site and to control access and subsequent use of this material.

Issues of representation and display shall be widely consulted.

It is essential to acknowledge the source of items used from this website.

Acknowledgement of source has two principles:

Protection of Sensitive Material

The right of Noongar people to protect sensitive material is to be recognised. There shall be no display of culturally or personally sensitive information without wide consultation with the relevant Noongar persons and groups.

If such material is used, it shall be treated in a dignified manner.

Reproduction Consent

No reproduction of Noongar cultural and intellectual property is permitted without prior negotiation and informed consent.

Use and referral is allowed for the purposes of research or study, so long as full and proper credit is given to the author and/or artist and group. However, no commercial use by educational institutions is authorised without prior consent and negotiation of rights.

The informed consent of the Noongar persons and groups must be obtained prior to any recording, use or display of Noongar cultural and intellectual property contained in this website. Consent should be obtained by contacting the CEO, South West Aboriginal Land & Sea Council (see contact details). SWALSC will consult with:


SWALSC makes every effort to ensure that the information contained on the website is updated but circumstances may arise where omissions occur. There may be reference to the names, voices or photos of deceased persons that may cause distress. People should contact SWALSC to notify us of any necessary changes.

Please be aware that there are different ways to spell Noongar (eg: Nyungar, Nyoongar, Noongah) and Noongar words. Noongar language, like all traditional languages in Australia is an oral language. To remain consistent with the Single Noongar Claim in which SWALSC are the native title representative body for the Traditional Owners, we have maintained the spelling as Noongar, and we respectfully include all people in the south-west.

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