Peter Farmer snr.

Peter Farmer senior was born in 1949 in the Gnowangerup Hospital. He grew up on the Gnowangerup Reserve. There, everyone looked after each other and would share what they had. There were 30 kids to play with every day.

Peter went to Gnowangerup School until he was 14. From 1965, when he was 16 1/2, he worked for the shire as a labourer, and then when he got his licence, he drove the loaders, rollers, truck and bulldozer.

Peter was President of the Gnowangerup Noongar Committee in 1972 when they opened the first Noongar Centre in the southwest, one of only 2 Aboriginal centres in Australia. Around 1974 Peter was President of Koormininy Noongar Centre in Narrogin.

Peter worked for the forestry for six years and then ran the farm at the Marribank Family Centre, formerly Carrolup Mission, for eight years. Later, Peter and his wife Fay ran a hostel, and over 13 years cared for 165 boys from up north.

Peter was involved with the Noongar Language and Culture Centre for 15 years. He recorded Noongar words and wrote a book, How the Birds Got Their Names.

Peter Farmer snr., courtesy SWALSC

Peter Farmer snr. Courtesy SWALSC



Peter Farmer snr. talks about damper and dip

Peter Farmer snr. talks about sharing kangaroo meat

Peter Farmer snr. talks about using tools to scrape kangaroo skin

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