Narrogin – 1970s

In July 1962 The West Australian recorded the death of King Beaufort Dinah. In his younger days, he was one of the best boxers in the state. Dinah was often seen at agricultural shows over a long period of time.[xviii]

Between 1964 and 1967 meetings aimed at the advancement of Aboriginal rights were held in Narrogin.

On 29th October 1964 a conference on Aboriginal matters was held by the Aboriginal Advancement Council of WA in Narrogin.[xix] Housing, trade training, child care, assimilation and integration were discussed by Noongar people. Malcolm Bolton, Mrs Bolton and George Abdullah reported on the discriminatory treatment of Noongars in the Narrogin area.[xx]

An article in The Daily News spoke about the growing self-confidence and activism of Noongar people:

On 15 February 1967, The Daily News reported the visit of George Abdullah and Jack Davis to Narrogin. The Noongar men were members of the newly formed  ‘Aboriginal Rights Committee’.  Both men reported on discrimination against Noongar people in the Narrogin area. The newspaper reported that: ‘they claim that none of the town’s hairdressers is willing to cut Aborigines’ hair and there is segregation in hotels. One hotel refused to serve Aborigines at all…A subcommittee [of the Perth based ‘Aboriginal Rights Committee’] is now being formed in Narrogin.’[xxi]

On 17 February 1967, following complaints from George Abdullah, the Police Commissioner called for an inquiry into the treatment of a Noongar woman by Narrogin police.[xxii]

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