Joe Northover talks about his work for the Australian High Commission in Papua New Guinea and as a healthworker in Alice Springs

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Joe Northover: I went away for a while because I travelled the country, went over to New Guinea. I stayed there for a little bit.
Denise Cook: What did you do there?
Joe Northover: I was with the Australian High Commission. Office of Youth Affairs. They sent us to New Guinea to work with the youth there. Alice Springs and Darwin. Went over to Cessnock where Mum’s sister was. I worked in Alice Springs there for a while. I think two years, I think, I was there.
Denise Cook: What did you do there?
Joe Northover: Health worker. They went out in the bush in the communities. We worked with their people. Ngatatjara lands. And people at Yarra, Ngatatjara, Arrernte. Yeah I stayed there for a while.
Denise Cook: And where did you learn to be a health worker?
Joe Northover: In Alice Springs. Hetti Perkins (Hostel) there. An Aboriginal hostel there.

 From: Joe Northover, interview for South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council, 31 July 2008

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