Joe Northover talks about Citizenship Papers, part 1

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Joe Northover Citizenship Papers Part 1

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Denise Cook: So how do you think your life’s been different from your parents’ and grandparents’ lives?

Joe Northover: I suppose we grew up in different era – each generation is different. The fact that we grew up in town and we never had it so hard like they did.
You know I still carry my mother’s and my grandfather’s citizenship papers just for safe keeping but also to remind myself on how what they had to live through. What they had to do to get that paper. To deny who they were, just to work. So I sit and I think about it and I think, “Oh well, I have got it good, kids got it these days even

From: Joe Northover, interview for South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council, 31 July 2008

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