Kayang (Hazel) Brown talks about respecting the Elders

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Hazel Brown talks about respecting the Elders

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I know that for a fact like years ago if you wanted anything, you wanted to go over that way, you would have to always ask these older fellows here. And they say it be alright for us to go over that way, across that side? And they’d said well you got to go and ask the old folks first that over there. Alright and we can come this way, can we got that way? If they say yeah, you can go that way, you go that way. But if they say no, you can’t mess about that way, that’s not the place for you to be, you go back this other way. And then that’s how it was, And you never went against them. If they said no, you know they meant no. And if you wanted anything you had to go and ask. You never ever took anything without asking otherwise you got in big trouble.

From: Kayang (Hazel) Brown, Interview for South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council, 18 June 2008.

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