Kayang (Hazel) Brown talks about making fire

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Hazel Brown- Making Fire

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And sometimes if we went that and we took a mob of kids with us. One year down there … they decided they would go hunting. And it was on the weekend. … Other one said, ‘Hey you, what you’re going to do, you got no matches’. And he said, ‘What do you … oh no, we can’t have anything to eat, have to take the matches’. And then he said, ‘Oh don’t worry about matches, we’ll make a fire. And he’s only a little fellow, see, about eight or nine. Don’t worry about, yeah, about nine, don’t worry, we’ll make a fire. ‘How are you going to make a fire?’ ‘Hey, you can’t make a fire, you got no matches’. ‘I’ll make you a fire’. So after that then the dog killed a brush, see. The dog killed a brush and he went, ‘Oh, going to make a fire now’. We had some damper and we went to this little creek, fresh water, and made a big fire and they skinned the brush. But before we made the fire he made the boys go for water, see, and go and get all the wood. And then he didn’t want to show them how he made the fire, see. He didn’t want to show them how to make a fire.

From: Kayang (Hazel) Brown, Interview for South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council, 18 June 2008

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