Kayang (Hazel) Brown talks about bush tucker

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Hazel Brown- Bush Tucker

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It was alright while you were staying in the Mission, and then you know, you worked and things like that. But I liked being in the bush better than that. You know … the bush life was the best life. … And you know when we stayed out in Needilup in the Jerramungup district, we went everywhere, you know, we went everywhere. You could hunt, you could be trapping, you can be snaring and then you can be weekend and then if you’ve spare time for work, and of course school wasn’t a problem then, we weren’t allowed to go to the school, they called us heathens and whatever. So Mummy give us lessons … And every about a week or two, just there put the horse in the cart and off to Qualup, or down to Bremer or down to Dillon Bay or even down to Marianup, have three or four days fishing and lazing around and go looking for goanna eggs or mallee eggs … and we knew what to eat, you know, the bush tucker and things like it.

From: Hazel Brown, oral history for South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council, 18 June 2008

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