Pop Gus Ryder talks about his father teaching him how to hunt & trapping with wild ponies

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Gus Ryder talks about his father teaching him how to hunt & trapping with wild ponies

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At Wannamal he told me many stories. How to hunt, trapping with wild ponies. Teaching me older brothers how to mount the pony, bagged them from fear, gentleness, a horse called – now, gentleness. When I say he was teaching them how to control a wild pony he had to teach them how to handle the pony with gentleness in the mouth and little fingers and turn them left or right and then he had a bag or bushes and things like that to take the fear out of the pony so they could mount, jump on it and that sort of thing. Then he used – like that’s what I call a gentleness but then a lady heard of what he was doing and she was an old Aboriginal lady who lived in about four ks out of New Norcia and she had a horse called Molly and this little pony was, because they were in their sixties I think, those old people at the time and this little pony was a bit too – she couldn’t control it anyway. It was going too fast for her, it wouldn’t steady down under the right moment. So she asked my Dad to take it and try to get some sort of understanding in through the pony. Anyway that became my I had to ride that little pony to school every morning at Wannamal to the gates and that but in so doing that there was so many tales around in that my age group at that time.

From: Pop Gus Ryder, interview for South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council, 12 August 2008.

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