Elder Doolann Leisha Eatts talks about her father working on farms and getting ‘rooked’ (cheated)

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Doolans father working on farms around Kellerberrin and getting ‘rooked’

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My dad was a good worker and ‘e was a good shearer, and farmers started to like ‘im. And course he used to take his two sons out when he can to help, to do the burning up of the timber and all that. And the farmers wanted him more and more, so ‘e started to get onto farms. And we moved off the Badjaling, ’cause ‘e told the farmers about the Welfare was after me all the time, and bothering ‘im and they said “You can, you know, move out here and we assure you they won’t come onto our property and take your daughter.” So my dad moved out on the farm.

Belinda Faulkner: Where was that?

Doolan Leisha Eatts: At Mount Stirling. There was a farm at Mount Stirling right at the foot of the hill. And we lived there and Dad worked there for the farmer, and ‘e worked for other farmers round there, all around south of Kellerberrin district.

Chris Owen: Being paid money, or…

Doolan Leisha Eatts: ‘E was paid a bit better than when ‘e lived around Corrigin and worked. That’s where they lived Corrigin, Kondinin and Kulin. They rooked Dad terrible in those places and I’ve got letters.

From: Doolann Leisha Eatts interview for South West Aboriginal Land and Sea Council, 17 January 2007

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