About the Badjaling Community


Noongar Elder Winnie McHenry, was born on November 11, 1935 on Badjaling Mission. Mrs McHenry both lives and works at the Badjaling Aboriginal Community, 10kms east of Quairading, where she teaches Noongar and non-Aboriginal people about Noongar history and culture. Badjaling Mission was established in 1929 by two missionaries, Miss Belshaw and McRidge from the Uniting Church (AAM).  The mission started with a bough-shed school and after a couple of years almost forty children were attending the school.   The missionaries and Noongar community decided to move the school to a small hall which also served as a church and later a “hospital” was erected so the Noongar women give birth to their coolungurr (children) in private.

There are several homes built on this site for the Noongar Elders from the Badjaling Community who desire to live back “home”.  The houses were built in 1997 by the Aboriginal Housing Board, (State Housing Commission of WA) aka Homewest.

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