Noongar Lore

Noongar Words kaartdijin – knowledge noonookurt koorliny – you go along ngulluk koorl koorliny – they can go back warra wirrin – bad spirit boolywar – power/powers quop wirrin – good spirit manitjimat – white cockatoo wardang – crow mat – stock, family, leg bulyit – little hairy man (spirit) Wadjemup – Rottnest Island Noongar men photographed at Guildford in 1901 during a visit to WA by the Duke of York and Duchess of Cornwall. Courtesy State Library of Western Australia, The Battye Library 471B/3 Noongar people have complex lore and customs pre-dating European contact. Our lore has existed alongside European laws and still does today. The terms ‘lore’ and ‘law’ are sometimes used interchangeably, but ‘law’ refers to written European law. Lore for Noongar people is unwritten and refers to kaartdijin (knowledge), beliefs, rules or customs. Noongar lore is linked to kinship and mutual obligation, sharing and reciprocity. Our lore and customs relate to marriage and trade, access, usage and custodianship of land. Traditionally, it has governed our use of fire, hunting and gathering, and our behaviour regarding family and community. Noongar lore works with nature to protect animals and our environment. Noongar people do not eat animals that … Continue reading Noongar Lore